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QMandS bv is responsible for the processing of your personal data on behalf of Duurzaam Bedrijfsuitje and we will handle your personal data with care.

For what purposes is data processed?

When you request information, an appointment or quotation, we ask you for personal data. We use the information you provide to process your request, execute the agreement and to conform to legal obligations. We can also use your data for other activities to support business operations. Consider, for example, fraud prevention, statistical analyzes and to inform you about other relevant products and services. Of course we use your data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp).

Our Privacy Policy

Personal data is processed by QMandS in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Your rights

We would like to keep your data up to date. If you want to know whether all the information we have about you is correct, you can inquire about it. We will then provide you with an overview of your data within four weeks. You can inquire with us by sending a written request to the address below. If there are inaccuracies in the registered data, you can ask us to correct or delete them.

Using this site

We have taken appropriate measures to secure your visit to and use of our site and to prevent misuse. All persons who can access the data are bound to secrecy. Information we collect is used to improve our website and to better adapt it to your user needs. See our cookie policy below.

New developments

We can adapt the text of this privacy statement in view of new developments, for example in the context of our business activities. It is therefore recommended to consult this text regularly when you visit our site.

Cookie Policy

QMandS does not intend to leave cookies on your computer, and your privacy is accepted. However, since we use external links including Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkenIn, we cannot guarantee that you will or will not receive one or more types of cookies. We therefore ask you to agree to receive all cookies. If you do not want this, read the information below or leave our website.

What are cookies?

Browser cookies: Cookies are pieces of information that a website places on your device when you visit a website. Cookies may involve the transfer of information from us to you and from you directly to us, to another party on our behalf or to another party in accordance with that party’s privacy policy. We may use cookies to aggregate information we collect about you. You can choose to have your device warn you each time a cookie is sent or you can choose to disable all cookies. You can do this in your browser settings. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to access some of the features that make your visit more efficient. In addition, some of our services may not work properly. Please see the last section of this cookie policy for more information about how to manage or disable browser cookies. We use different cookie categories. Each category performs a different function. You can learn more about cookies and their functions by visiting an informative website such as

Flash cookies: We may use ‘’local shared objects’’, also known as Flash cookies, to store your preferences or to display content based on what you view on our site. In this way we can personalize your visit to our site. Our advertisers and other service providers may also use Flash cookies to collect and store information. Flash cookies differ from browser cookies in quantity and type and in how the data is stored. Your browser’s cookie management tools will not delete Flash cookies. Please see the last section of this cookie policy for information on how to disable Flash cookies. If you disable Flash cookies, you will not have access to many features that make your experience more efficient. In addition, some of our services may not work properly.

Which type of cookies may be used?

The cookies that can be used on this website are divided into four categories. They are described below. These descriptions help you determine if (and how) you want to use our websites and other online services.
1. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are indispensable for navigating this website and using certain functions. Without these strictly necessary cookies, the online services you have requested, such as shopping baskets or creating an invoice during the payment process, will not be possible. No consent is required for these strictly necessary cookies as we need them to provide the requested services to you.
2. Performance cookies

We (or the service providers operating on our behalf) may place our “performance cookies” on your device. The information collected by our performance cookies is used exclusively by and for us. Our performance cookies collect anonymous information about how you use this website and its functions. For example, our performance cookies collect information about which pages on this website you visit the most, whether you open or read the messages we send and which advertisements you view. In addition, it collects information on whether you respond to the advertisements on this website (or other websites) on which our advertisements appear. The information collected can be used to personalize your online experience by showing you content that we think you may find interesting. Our performance cookies can also be used to limit the number of times you see the same ad. Our performance cookies do not collect information that can personally identify you. However, if you have an account with us, the information collected by performance cookies may be linked to your account. We also give other advertisers the opportunity to place their performance cookies on your device through their advertisements on this website. The information that these third-party performance cookies collect is used to determine which third-party advertisements may be displayed on this website, how often they should be displayed and in which locations of these websites the third-party advertisements function best. These third-party performance cookies do not collect information that can personally identify you. We provide notice and we provide a link to this cookie policy in the footer of every page of this website. By using this website and its features, you agree that we (and the other advertisers on this website) may place performance cookies on your device. You can delete or manage performance cookies as indicated in the last section of this cookie policy.

3. Functionality cookies

We (or the service providers operating on our behalf) can place our “functionality cookies” on your device. We do not share information that we have collected through our functionality cookies with our advertisers or other third parties. Our functionality cookies are used to remember the choices you have made (such as language preference, country location or other online settings). They ensure that we can provide you with the personalized or enhanced features you have selected. Our functionality cookies can be used to provide you with online services or to prevent you from being offered online services when you have previously indicated that you do not want to receive such services. Our functionality cookies collect anonymous information. However, if you have an account with us, the information collected by functionality cookies may be linked to your account. In some cases, we may allow an advertiser or third party to provide you with content and other online experiences on this website or online service. In such cases, third parties may place their functionality cookies on your device and use their functionality cookies in the same way as we use our functionality cookies to provide you with personalized or enhanced features in conjunction with this third party’s content. By selecting custom options, personalized settings, or enhanced features, you indicate that you agree to our use (and use by accepted third parties) of functionality cookies to deliver these customized or personalized experiences. If you delete these functionality cookies, all preferences or settings you have selected will not be saved for subsequent visits.
4. Targeting or advertising cookies

Targeted third party advertising

Targeted third party advertising cookies may be placed on your device by other advertisers, ad networks, data exchange services, marketing analytics and other service providers. Targeted third party advertising cookies collect information about your browsing activity across multiple websites and online services in order to serve you relevant advertisements on our websites and online services and on the websites and online services of third parties. Advertising networks share this information with advertisers who use this network. You do not personally identify the information collected by these third party advertising cookies.

Onze Targeted Advertenties

Our targeted advertising cookies are placed on your device by us (or the service providers operating on our behalf). We may use these cookies on our websites and in conjunction with our content and advertisements, which are featured on third party websites and online services, to track whether you have viewed our content or advertisements or have taken any activity related to them that will allow us to display advertisements for products that we believe may be of interest to you. Our targeted advertising cookies collect anonymous information. However, if you have an account with us, the information collected by our targeted advertising cookies may be linked to your account. The organization that sets the cookie (the third party or ourselves) is responsible for obtaining your consent. When you see this icon on third-party ads or our ads, you can click through to learn more about behavioral advertising. Here, you will also find how you can manage your options through your browser settings. You can find more information at

Registered visitors

We may analyze online activities of registered visitors on our websites and online services by using cookies and other tracking technologies. If you have chosen to receive messages from us, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies to send tailored messages based on your interests in the future, and we may use cookies or other tracking technologies in our communications with you (e.g. to see if you have read or accessed them or to see what content you are responding to and which links you are following) so that in the future we can better tailor our communications with you to your interests. You can disable targeted messages by logging into your account and selecting the option to stop receiving marketing communications. To disable targeted ads based on your online behavior on this and other websites, follow the instructions above (for targeted ads). We will not share contact information with our other advertisers unless you give us permission to do so.

Enable/disable cookies through your browser

You have a number of options to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. You can accept or refuse cookies via your browser settings, or you can set your browser to ask you in advance to accept a cookie from websites that you wish to access. You should be aware that you may not be able to use all of our interactive features if you set your browser to disable all cookies. if you use different computers at different locations, please check that each browser is adapted to your preferences. You can delete any cookie installed in your browser’s cookie folder. The different browsers have different procedures to manage your settings. For instructions, choose your browser and click on the link below.

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

If you are not using any of the browsers listed above, select “cookies” in the “Help” function for information on where to find your cookie folder.

Disabling/deleting Flash cookies 

Follow the link below to change your Flash cookie settings.

Flash cookies uitschakelen


If you have questions about the privacy statement or cookie policy, you can communicate this through the contact form or through a letter, stating “privacy statement” or “cookie policy” to: QMandS – Torenallee 45 – 5617 BA Eindhoven


The information provided by QMandS on / via this site (s) is not an offer or advice. The information provided by QMandS is derived from sources that can be considered reliable, but the correctness and completeness cannot be guaranteed. The information provided is indicative only and can be changed at any time without further notice.

The information provided is not legally binding. QMandS cannot guarantee that the website will function without errors or interruptions. QMandS and the (possible) other suppliers do not accept any liability for the content of this site (s) and the information provided by it. QMandS accepts no liability for the content of sites that are not maintained by QMandS and which are referred to or refer to the site (s) of QMandS.

The customer of the information is responsible for the choice and use of the information. The information may only be used by the customer himself. The customer may not transfer, reproduce, edit or distribute the information. The customer is obliged to follow instructions from QMandS regarding the use of the information. Making copies of photos or print screens or otherwise copying our website or parts thereof is prohibited without express written permission from QMandS.

Completeness and liability
The information and advice shown has been compiled by us with care. However, the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the information and advice cannot be fully guaranteed, because it depends on your personal situation. We are therefore not liable for damage suffered as a result of (the use of) information or advice provided.

Wat doen wij met de door u verstrekte persoonsgegevens?
You can enter your personal data in the contact form. The data you provide is stored by us and we use it for statistical analyzes and research. The data is not used for commercial purposes. In addition to what is stated here, the Privacy statement QMandS also applies to all personal data you provide.

It goes without saying that we do our utmost to provide you with the best possible service. However, you may be dissatisfied with something. In such a case, please first contact your contact person.

If you still want to file a complaint, you can do so in writing, stating ‘complaint’ to:
T.a.v. Klachtenservice
Torenallee 45
5617 BA Eindhoven